This site is dedicated to devices created for Amiga computers and other dated tech that some describe warmly as retro-computing.

The first project has come into existence due to the need of the hour. The direct cause leading to Ryś’s creation was malfunction of original mouse that had come bundled with my Amiga 1200. I had to build something that would allow using available USB mouses. This resulted in first prototype. In its first incarnation the device supported only USB mouses. Over time, however, my almost forgotten gaming affection reminded itself and I had no other choice than to add support for joysticks and USB pads. That is how Ryś ‘has happened to the Amiga world’.

Most probably my next projects will aim for enabling retro-computers compatibility with devices that would have never been considered as suitable for our beloved hardware.

Owing to the simple fact of using modern components, retro-computers can experience a breath of fresh air and (possibly to some extent) their second youth.


New project


Sum-B prototype - internal version of the Sum interface for A2000/500/CDTV


Wicherek28 prototype - simple turbo card for Amiga 500


New projects - IDEA ZII and Wicher 2000


New video


IDEA500, A500Flash, Sum-B and Amiga 2000

A500Flash, Sum-B and Amiga 2000

RyśMKII and Dance Mat on Decrunch

IDEA500 - IDE controller