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Wicher cards' support of the SD card

We are really pleased to announce that Wicher line of cards now supports SD cards.
All the necessary information can be found on Wicher 500i and Wicher 500i Ex websites.

Accordingly WicherInstaller has been updated to version 1.6, which includes support for the SD card.


Change Log

SDTest v1.0
- first public version

sdcard.device v0.3
- first public version SDCard driver

spi.resource v1.2
- add SPI_ReadMulti and SPI_WriteMulti functions

SDK V1.1
- update SDK for spi.resource

WicherBootMenu v1.7
- add detection SDCard

WicherPrefs v1.3
- add support for spi.resource


Software update for Wicher turbo cards

The new version of the WicherInstaller v1.5 software is available.

spi.resource v1.1
- speeding up data fransfer for SPI_Read() and SPI_Write() function
- add SPI_SetMode() function

SpiClock v0.5
- add spi.resource support

VlsiPlayer v0.4
- add spi.resource support
- add VOLUME options

SDK V1.0
- add SDK for SPI controller