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Our product has been created as an easy and affordable way to connect USB HID devices to Amiga computers. It is based upon 16-bit Microchip microcontroller.

Ryś comes equipped with internal USB stack which facilitates support for HID devices (like mouse, joystick or pad) without the need for providing additional Amiga OS software drivers. Typical installation procedure comes down to plugging Ryś into appropriate port of the Amiga (mouse or joystick port) and it all just works from then on!

Ryś supports something truly unique among available mouse adapters: ‘Bootloader’ mode, which allows activities like performing software updates. Ryś’s additional feature is its handling of not only mouses (like it is a case with other adapters lacking internal USB stack), but also USB joysticks and USB pads.


These are the qualities of Ryś


  • support for both USB HID and USB-PS/2 mouses,
  • support for USB HID joysticks,
  • support for USB HID pads,
  • compatible with every Amiga (although some models may require additional adapters),
  • internal USB stack,
  • unique ‘Bootlader’ mode which allows activities like performing software updates,
  • status-LED indicating device’s state,
  • 16-bit microcontroller manufactured by Microchip with nanoWatt technology,
  • 3 mouse emulation modes,
  • joystick mode (emulating original joystick behavior),
  • pad mode (emulating original pad bahavior),



Ryś automatically detects the type of connected device and begins emulation of its Amiga-equivalent.

When it finds joystick or pad then it enters ‚Pad mode‘. When one connects USB joystick to Rys, it should be switched into ‚joystick mode‘ by pressing joystick’s 9 and 10 buttons at the same time. Adapter will confirm the mode change with Status-LED pulsation. The same operation can be carried out when the device being connected is a pad. Then one should simultaneously press ‚SELECT‘ and ‚START‘ buttons.

Ryś signals operation mode change with following Status-LED pulsation sequences:

  • 1 blip – joystick mode
  • 2 blips – pad mode
  • 3 blinks - „Pad - mouse emulation” mode

When a mouse is connected:

  • 4 blinks – tracking speed change

Ryś’s capabilities



  • „Bootloader” + wheel button – emulation mode selection


  • 9 + 10 - choosing operation mode
  • 1 - fire1
  • 2 - fire2
  • 3 - fire3
  • 6 - autofire1
  • 5 - autofire2


  • SELECT + START - choosing operation mode
  • X - fire1
  • O - fire2
  • [] - fire3
  • R2 - autofire1
  • L2 - autofire2

User manual: PL, EN, ES


Bootloader (Windows): RysFlasher_Setup_v0.5.exe



Firmware: Rys_20160221.7z, Rys_20160104.7z, Rys_20151129.7z



Firmware: Rys_AtariST_20150513.7z


PC, Mac - JoystickToUSB

Firmware: Rys_JoystickToUSB_20150307.7z

Schematic (adapter): rys_przelotka.pdf